Welcome to Play USA Tennis!
Welcome to Play USA Tennis!

Serve Clinic

“Improve Your Serve” Clinic

Serving is one of the critical parts of a tennis match.  It can set the stage for whether you will be on the offensive or defensive and can be the turning point in your mental warfare against your opponent.   Would you like to know how to improve your serve?

I will be offering a one hour clinic to teach you the steps for a successful serve.  Most drills do not have the time to educate, observe and change your serve motion.  This clinic, however, will be entirely focused on just one thing – the serve AND it will be limited to 4 players.

My clinic will have five parts:

  • Teach you the parts of a successful serve – ball toss, positioning, grip, wrist snap, variance of contact point, and body rhythm.
  • Observe your serve.  I will be watching all the servers for their specific form and habits.
  • Videotape – each participant will be videotaped in serve motion.
  • Review – each participant will have their videotape reviewed with me, during the clinic. Together we will be able to observe areas of improvement or success.
  • Practice – you will be serving more than 10 times the number of balls you usually do, in a clinic, because practice builds confidence. This time you will be practicing the right serve motion.

Cost:  $25.00 per person

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