Welcome to Play USA Tennis!
Welcome to Play USA Tennis!

   Junior Match Play

Match Play is a great way for kids to play tennis in a fun, non-threatening, non-eliminating, competitive environment. It is a wonderful way for our players to get in more match play experience and get ready for upcoming tournaments. Match Play is organized, individual match-play, focusing on both singles, doubles or Canadian format. A ranking system will be used for trophies for 1st & 2nd place players. Now you can pay daily and play as offen as you want. Join the fun today.

        Serve Clinic

Serving is one of the critical parts of a tennis match.  It can set the stage for whether you will be on the offensive or defensive and can be the turning point in your mental warfare against your opponent.   Would you like to know how to improve your serve? I will be offering a one hour clinic to teach you the steps for a successful serve.  Most drills do not have the time to educate, observe and change your serve motion.  This clinic, however, will be entirely focused on just one thing – the serve AND it will be limited to 4 players.


       Drop In Drills

Don't have time every week to commit to a drill for the season. Try my drop in drills, sign up just for the drills you can make for that week. See drop in drill page under the All Programs / Adults for all days and times. 




                            “A Different Approach to Teaching Tennis”

Fred Perrin - 2008 MSTA - Pro of the Year

Fundamentals & progression through specific steps are the foundation of his philosophy. You will be using the 5 tactical priorities system,

1-Consistency, 2-Direction, 3-Depth, 4-Spin and 5-Power.

Lessons today may place too much emphasis on power & spin, creating a style of tennis that collapses during match play. This strategy is based on 3 Perrin generations of teaching tennis & over 30 years of Fred’s experience playing & coaching.

Want more information

Mill Creek Tennis Club - 215-355-0515

Southampton Tennis Club - 215-355-1484

Fred Perrin - Tennis Director


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